Sunday, July 24, 2011

Russell Brand's Blog About Amy Winehouse

I don't normally get all political, or preachy, or anything on this blog.  I mostly whine about stuff, post an occasional review, and write about my writing...But, one of my favorite songs is Back to Black by Amy Winehouse, and a friend of mine forwarded me Russell Brand's blog about her and her death, and the power of addiction - and knowing a few addicts myself, I feel compelled to get a little political and a little preachy.

If you'd like to read Russell's blog, which is so poignant, and perfect, here's the link:

Much Love to Everybody,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Actual Scene from the Car This Morning

Sister #1: Give me that!
Sister #2: That's mine!
Sister #1: It's mine now!
Sister #2: (whines) Give it back!
Sister #1: Ha. Ha. Too bad!
Sister #2: Moooooommmmmm?  She took my...
Mom: Stop it the both of you! Give it here! It's mine now! My God, you two are driving me nuts!
Sister #2: I like nuts.